5 Tips for Writing Website Content

The design and development of a new website for your business is often an exciting time – until you realise that you will actually have to sit down and write the content for your web pages. 

Your web designer or developer will have the design andCopywriting tips technical skills to make your website a reality, but only you know the details about your business and products or services. While you could commission someone to interview you and then write the content for you, budget constraints may not allow for this.

Here are some tips to help you with writing successful website content:

1. Keep it short

Your website is not an essay. Keep your web pages, paragraphs and sentences short and simple so that people can quickly find the information they need without having to get through long chunks of text.

2. Use sub headings and bullets

People are used to scanning and skimming web pages for information, rather than reading every single sentence. Using sub headings to divide up your web page content makes it easier for readers to find the section they need. Bullets are much easier to scan and understand than paragraph text.

3. Talk directly to your website visitors

Use “you” instead of “the customer” and “we” instead of “Acme Inc”. It makes your website content more personal and easy to understand.

4. Answer your website visitors’ questions

People usually have a goal in mind when visiting a website. They often need to get a specific task done or find out specific information. Try to visualise your website visitors and imagine which questions they might have when coming to your website. Answer these questions clearly to help your readers complete their goal.

5. Include a call to action

Be clear on what you want people to do when they are on your website. Do you want them to contact you? Download a document? Buy a product? Tell your website visitors clearly what you want them to do next.

Hopefully these tips will help you improve your website content and contribute to a successful website.