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Stay in touch with your customers through Email Marketing

With social media, blogs and SEO taking the spotlight, email marketing may seem like an old hat these days. However, email marketing can be one of the most effective marketing vehicles available to small business owners.

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SEO Workshop for Mums in Business

motivating-mumsI am thrilled to have been invited by Motivating Mum to run a search engine optimisation (SEO) workshop in Geelong. 

The workshop will focus on a practical approach to SEO for your website, with tips and strategies you can easily implement yourself.

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How to improve your website performance with A/B testing

If your website is important to your business, you need to ensure that it delivers. Most people think they know what “looks good” and what “works” when they look at a web page. You’d be surprised how often your gut feeling is plain wrong!

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Google Analytics now shows your website keywords as “not provided” - here is a workaround!

Until recently, it was possible to see in Google Analytics exactly which keywords people typed into Google to find your website.  However, Google’s recent changes have put a stop to that and most keywords in the Acquisitions > Keywords > Organic report now show up as “not provided”.

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How to add a video to your website

Videos can be a fantastic marketing tool, whether you create a tour of your premises, an overview of your services, introduction of staff or a useful tutorial. Adding a video to your website is easy! Just follow these simple steps.

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Responsive design vs separate mobile website

These days, it seems like everyone is surfing the web on their smart phones and tablets. However, as this is quite a recent phenomenon, many business websites are not equipped to offer a good user experience for smart phone users yet.

In this article, we’ll review the options available to business owners wanting to ensure a good user experience for their mobile visitors.

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Is a mobile optimised website worth it?

Update as of February 2017: This article is a few years old now and thing have changed :-) Responsive web design is now the standard and we include it for all of our websites, as do most other designers. Mobile phone usage has taken off over the last few years and there is no way around it - you need a responsive website! 

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Top 5 benefits of having a blog on your website

It is becoming increasingly common to have a blog for your business, and with good reason: Blogs can have major benefits for search engine optimisation and social media engagement. Here are the top 5 benefits of having a blog on your business website:

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What Google’s Penguin 2.0 update means for local businesses

At the end of May, Google rolled out a major update of their search algorithm. The update was named Penguin 2.0 and can have a strong impact on search engine rankings for local businesses. Here are the main points to be aware of:

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Video: Google's Matt Cutts on Penguin 2.0

Google's Matt Cutts talks about May's Penguin 2.0 update, Google's most important algorithm update this year. It's worth watching if you want to get an idea of how Google's changes may impact on your search engine rankings.

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