Book review: 15 bedtime stories that keep entrepreneurs awake at night

I recently dug out this wonderful little book again and read it as intended over a number of evenings, just before bedtime. 

The book by David Ingram is a collection of stories for entrepreneurs and business owners in general. The format makes it an easy and entertaining read, without detracting from the important lessons contained within.

15 bedtime stories

“I remember sitting with my head held in my hands a number of years ago, unsure if my fledgling business was going to survive,” says Ingram at the beginning of his book. “…I was petrified by the thought of failing – both personally and professionally – and losing everything I had worked so hard to build over the years. I lost a lot of sleep.”

Ingram does not shy away from the darker truths in the life of a business owner and shares with us not only his own, but also the experiences of his business associates and fellow entrepreneurs.

Down-to-earth and sensible, this is not a “yes-you-can” type motivational book. The stories seem intended as a warning, helping to prevent common entrepreneurial mistakes.

The lessons range from financial and legal issues to HR and ethics and address such questions as what to do if your top sales performer demotivates the rest of the team, how to get paid by a difficult client and what to do if a new employee is diagnosed with cancer on his first day at work.

This book would make a great gift for the entrepreneur or business owner in your life. It’s available from Amazon for around $15.