7 Low Cost Tools for Driving Traffic to your Website

The internet of 2016 is a much more crowded place than the internet of 1999. The business quote "build it and they will come" may have been of some use back in the day, but if you build a website these days, you'd be pretty lucky to become successful without investing any effort in promotion.

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Local SEO tip: Add customer reviews to your Google My Business page

Authentic customer reviews can provide a great boost to your business website's visibility in Google and therefore your search engine traffic. If you own or manage a local business (e.g. a restaurant, plumber, graphic designer etc), read on to learn why it matters and how to add reviews to your business listing.

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Top 5 Google AdWords Mistakes That Could Cost You Dearly

Many small businesses run Google AdWords campaigns successfully to instantly get their website listed on page 1 of Google and drive targeted traffic. However, a badly managed Google AdWords campaign can be an expensive undertaking , so watch out for these common mistakes that could cost you dearly:


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Stay in touch with your customers through Email Marketing

With social media, blogs and SEO taking the spotlight, email marketing may seem like an old hat these days. However, email marketing can be one of the most effective marketing vehicles available to small business owners.

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SEO Workshop for Mums in Business

motivating-mumsI am thrilled to have been invited by Motivating Mum to run a search engine optimisation (SEO) workshop in Geelong. 

The workshop will focus on a practical approach to SEO for your website, with tips and strategies you can easily implement yourself.

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