COVID-19 Update: Let’s Flatten the Curve

What an eventful start to the year it has been with unprecedented bush fires and now the Coronavirus. Many of you will be in limbo not knowing whether your business can stay open, and where the next few months will take us.

Here at Ondetto we are open for business as usual and ready to support you through the coming months. As I usually work from home anyway, not much has changed for me on that front except that I now share the office with my husband (who is managing the GMHBA Digital Team remotely), as well as having our daughter home now that school has finished early.

No doubt we will be able to work out a schedule that allows us to both get some work done as well as home schooling and keeping everyone in good health and good spirits. However, turnaround times could be slightly slower than usual while we find our feet.

I work with a number of sub contractors who also usually work from their respective home offices, so it’s business as usual on that front. My suppliers for web hosting, domain names etc have also set up their work forces to work from home and are able to provide services and support as usual.

I am aware how very lucky I am to be able to transition fairly seamlessly into this new reality. Many of you will have a lot more work on your hands to transition to providing products and services remotely.

For the moment I am not going to have any face to face meetings, instead we can chat by phone or video conferencing / screen sharing via Zoom. In this case I would send you a link which opens a video conference so that we can connect easily.

Wishing you much strength and resilience, and please do reach out if you need help with your website over the next few months.