Digital Spring Clean Ideas

Half way through Lockdown 2.0 in Victoria, some of you may have a little extra time on your hands. This can be a perfect time to tackle your Digital To-Do List.

Some of us may of course be even busier than usual, as certain industries are positively thriving, and others simply have their hands full juggling kids’ home schooling and working from home. Some, at the other extreme, may be facing possible business closure and other financial pressures, or dealing with mental health issues, in which case please be kind to yourself and don’t put yourself under any undue additional stress.

However, if you find yourself with some extra admin time to spare and can summon the motivation, here are some things you can do to get your business into better shape for a post lockdown world:

Consider whether there are any products or services that you can move online

We may be spending less time interacting in person for some time to come. Consider if you can move any of your offerings online by adding an online shop to your website, or a membership or e-learning platform.

You could also upload videos, webinars or presentations to stay connected with your customers.

If your business is heavily impacted by COVID-19, is there any way that you can pivot or expand / complement your existing products or services?

Some examples:

  • Online clothing shops branching out into selling face masks
  • Gyms adding online course offerings
  • Restaurants offering takeaway options or meal delivery / in home meal prep kits
  • Training providers moving to online training and events
  • Museums and tourism operators adding virtual tours and experiences to their websites

Review your website

Have a look at your website and check if it still represents your business well enough, see if you need to update any of the content, and test the functionality including contact forms. Update your blog if you have one. Is there any content or functionality that should be added for a better customer experience? Can you add an online shop or membership functionality to move any of your products or services online?

Now may also be a good time for a website redesign. Your online presence is more important than ever as customers spent more time on the internet. Contact us if you need help with a website redesign.

Freshen up your Google My Business profile

When you type your business name into Google, you’ll most likely see a map listing with some details and photos about your business coming up in addition to the normal search results. If that’s not the case, you need to set up a Google My Business profile which will help you get found in local search results.

If you haven’t got many customer reviews on your listing yet, reach out to your customers and ask them to review your business. See this blog post for details. This will show a star rating on your listing and make you stand out among the other businesses. It will also improve your chances of being found.

Review your digital marketing options

How do you stay in touch with your customers? Consider social media, email or SMS marketing. This can be quite inexpensive to set up and have good returns if you’re willing to invest some time.

People tend to spend quite a lot of time on social media these days, so you can engage with your customers on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or LinkedIn.

Setting up email automation may also be a good use of time for some businesses, e.g. setting up a sequence of follow up emails for new leads, or abandoned cart emails if you have an online store.

If you have an online store, maybe you could explore additional sales channels such as a Facebook / Instagram store, Ebay or Etsy.

Depending on your business, you may want to experiment with Facebook Ads or Google Ads (we can help set up and manage Google Ads for you). Google Ads also include shopping ads to promote products, and remarketing ads to target people who have previously visited your website.

Explore partnerships

Complementary, non-competing businesses can help each other, for example by cross promoting each other on their websites and social media channels, or by offering joint programs or promotions. This can be a win-win. Is there anyone you could partner with?

Get funding or mentoring

There are lots of businesses offering free or discounted courses now so there’s never been a better time to improve your skills.

Mentoring programs also abound and could really help you gain some feedback regarding your business, particularly if you need to change the way you’ve been operating. The Geelong Chamber of Commerce is running increased mentoring programs at the moment, as is Business Victoria.

There are also various grants and funding available, a list of programs is available here for Victoria, and a local list of COVID-19 resources is available on the Geelong Chamber of Commerce website.

If you’re not in Victoria, your local Chamber of Commerce or Business Association will most likely have helpful resources available as well.

Hopefully this may provide a few ideas and starting points to help you review your online presence. If you need help with your website, Google Ads, Google My Business profile or setting up email marketing please contact us.