Geelong Businesses Choose Responsive Websites

Mobile friendly websites are a must these days. The use of mobile phones has increased exponentially over the last few years and most businesses see around 1/3 of their users visiting their website from a mobile phone. As of last month Google officially penalises websites that are not mobile friendly.

Local businesses have certainly got the message: Over the past year, all new websites that we have created were responsive (that is, they resize and reformat for different devices such as mobile phones and tablets), and we have also upgraded quite a few to become mobile friendly. It seems that nowadays being mobile friendly is not optional any more. I am really glad to see Geelong small businesses being savvy and moving with the latest web trends to stay ahead of their competition.

A few of the businesses that we have recently created responsive website for include:

If you need a responsive website for your business or would like to upgrade your existing website, please contact us.