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As a small business, there are many online advertising options open to you, including advertising on social media websites, business directories and niche websites and blogs.

One of the main advertising tools many small businesses use is Google Ads, which allows you to pay for your website to come up on page 1 of Google’s search results.

Search Advertising

Sponsored links appear on page 1 of Google instantly

Google Ads allows you to place your website on page 1 of Google instantly for your target keywords. 90% of online Australians use Google to actively search for information about products and services, and you’ll need to make sure your business is visible.

Your link will be shown in the “sponsored listings” section either above or to the right of the organic, natural results, and in return you’ll pay Google a small amount for each click sending a visitor to your website.

“We are getting so busy, so many phone calls and emails. I think we’ve definitely found our sweet spot with the advertising, Tim can not keep up! We could not be happier with your service, you have helped with our business growth & we can’t thank you enough.” – Lauren S, Coastal Bin Hire

Display Advertising

Banner advertising and retargeting

Google Ads can also be used for display advertising with banner ads, which are shown on a selection of websites (e.g. news websites or blogs) related to your product.

In addition, we can set up retargeting campaigns that show ads to people who have previously visited your website. This can be particularly useful for eCommerce websites wanting to advertise a special offer to people who have visited their website without purchasing. Retargeting can be a good strategy to reduce cart abandonment, but you do need a significant number of monthly website visitors and a good offer to make it work.

Our Google Ads management service

Campaign setup

  • Google Ads account setup
  • Keyword research
  • Setup of targeting, bidding and budget options
  • Campaign setup for each product / service / brand
  • Creation of several ad variations for each set of keywords
  • Google Analytics setup to track statistics about your website visitors
  • Setup of tracking code to measure your website conversions

Setup costs depend on the number of products, services or brands.

Ongoing campaign management

  • Optimisation of keywords and campaigns
  • Testing and optimisation of ad variations
  • Adjustment of bidding strategy to maximise your budget
  • Monthly reporting on your campaign performance

Google Ads Certification

Google Ads certification is a process by which Google recognises marketers as experts in online advertising. The exam has to be taken each year for the certification to stay valid. Click here to view my current certificate >>

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