Google Analytics now shows your website keywords as “not provided” – here is a workaround!

Until recently, it was possible to see in Google Analytics exactly which keywords people typed into Google to find your website.  However, Google’s recent changes have put a stop to that and most keywords in the Acquisitions > Keywords > Organic report now show up as “not provided”.


This isn’t very useful when you are trying to optimise your website for specific keywords, and unfortunately there is no perfect solution. Connecting Google Analytics with your Google Webmaster Tools account provides a workaround as this will show you the top search queries that people have typed in and for which your website ranked on Google. Although it isn’t as comprehensive as the old keywords report, this can provide some useful keyword data.

What you need:

  1. Google Analytics account
  2. Google Webmaster Tools account under the same login name as your Analytics account

Connecting your Google Analytics Account to your Webmaster Tools account:

  1. Login to Google Analytics
  2. Navigate to Acquisition > Search Engine Optimisation > Queries
  3. You will probably see a message saying “This report requires Webmaster Tools to be enabled


  1. Click on the “set up Webmaster Tools data sharing” button
  2. This should automatically bring up a page with an overview of your Google Analytics profile setting. Scroll to the bottom and find the “Webmaster Tools settings” section. Click on “edit”


  1. This will bring up a page listing all the Webmaster Tools websites under your account. Select the relevant website and click “save”.
  2. An overlay will pop up asking you whether you want to add this association. Click “ok”
  3. You will be returned to Google Analytics. In the Webmaster Tools section at the bottom you should now see your website added.


  1. Click “save”
  2. You should see a “success” message at the top of the page. If there are any errors, fix these first and save again.
  3. Now click on your “Reporting” tab and return to Acquisition > Search Engine Optimisation > Queries
  4. You will see a report showing you the search queries people have typed in, as well as how many clicks your website received from each query. The report also shows you the average position of your website for each keyword, however this does not seem to be very accurate.


You are now able to see which keywords people used to find your website. It isn’t the perfect solution as the report only shows the top 1000 daily queries for the last 90 days, but it’s much better than a bunch of “not provided” keywords!