Book recommendation: Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing: Get found using Google, social media and blogs by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah

Forget about traditional marketing techniques involving big wallets and pushy messages that interrupt people’s lives. Inbound Marketing promises to deliver customers to your doorstep (read: website) when they are actually interested in your product or service.

Over the last couple of years, this book has become a classic that belongs on the bookshelf of every marketer and small business owner.

Inbound Marketing book coverThe book describes a fundamental shift to a more content driven and social way of marketing. If you have a great story to tell and can produce engaging web content to match it, you will be found online by your ideal customers.

Inbound Marketing teaches you how to leverage tools such as social media and blogging platforms to deliver remarkable, engaging content, and to turn your own website into a marketing hub that engages and turns visitors into leads.

The book is well written and easy to read. The case studies are entertaining and there are plenty of practical tips to get you started.

However, while many Inbound Marketing techniques won’t cost you any money, they certainly take time! Marketing your website is never really free as you will always have to pay in either money (to get an expert to do it for you) or time to learn and do it yourself. Plus, it takes time for your website to see the benefits of the content you produce on an ongoing basis, so you won’t necessarily see instant results.

If you want to make your website a success, Inbound Marketing is an important concept to familiarise yourself with. You may not be able to implement all recommendations immediately, but reading this book and choosing a few techniques to experiment with is a great start.

While I see the importance of Inbound Marketing and think it’s a vital concept to understand, I don’t think it should replace all traditional marketing. Inbound Marketing should be one of several tools on your marketing belt – the magic is in the mix!