New Book: 13 Wise Women – The COVID Year

I’m so pleased to be part of an amazing group of Geelong women who have put together a book to share our experiences during “The COVID Year”.

During this unprecedented year, we have all experienced highs and lows, and situations we probably couldn’t have even imagined before.

A group of us have decided to share our stories in a new book which is about to be published. This book is the second in the 13 Wise Women series.

“Whilst everyone’s journey is different, when it comes to success, there’s one kernel of truth, it comes from adversity. These thirteen remarkable women may appear to have it all, but they are bound by the various challenges they have stared down to achieve their personal victories. If you’re looking for a little motivation for your own journey, begin reading here…”

Catriona Rowntree
TV Presenter

My co-authors come from a diverse range of backgrounds including journalists, actors, business women and a yoga teacher. All are remarkable women living and working in the Geelong area:

Gail Mortimer, Davina Montgomery, Chloé Hayden (actress who you may know from Neighbours and Upper Middle Bogan), Sarah Grace (from Grace Acting Studios), Mara McDonald, Ange Liston-McCaughley (founder of the Type 1 Foundation), Tracy Morfitt, Simone Boer, Yan Lin (Hayeswinckle), Sarah Hayden, Jen Trevorrow, and Linda Newman.

If you are ready to reflect on the years we have just had and would like to find out how others have experienced this time, please contact me to order a copy of the book. The book is $25 and local pickup is free.