Ondetto Process Improvements

Over the last few months I have been doing some work behind the scenes to improve Ondetto’s processes and communication with clients, the main ones being:

  • Moving our bookkeeping to Xero which will allow for more flexible invoice payment options
  • Monthly reports for website maintenance clients, outlining the work and updates done on their website
  • Calendly booking tool so that you can book calls and meetings with me at a time that suits us both

Read on for more details…

New Invoice Format and Payment Options

I have finally decided to take the plunge and move our book keeping from Quickbooks to Xero. As a result, we now accept credit card payments for invoices under $1000.

Clients can now set up auto-pay for recurring invoices if they wish. This also makes it easier to move from annual to monthly invoices for  web hosting & maintenance plans.

So far I am loving Xero, great software can make your life so much easier!

New Website Maintenance Reports

Every month we perform hundreds of plugin and WordPress updates for the 80 or so clients who have a website maintenance plan with us. Much of this work is “invisible” and clients may sometimes wonder what we’re actually doing to your website as part of our WordPress maintenance plan.

To make our maintenance plans more transparent, clients now receive a monthly report of the work we have performed on their website to keep it up to date and secure.

If you haven’t got a website maintenance plan, you must make sure to update your plugins and WordPress regularly to keep it secure and future proof. Read more about our maintenance plans here and please get in touch if you would like a quote.

Whether or not you are on a maintenance plan, it is important to regularly test your key website functionality, in particular contact forms and online stores, as sometimes technology changes and things can stop working as expected.

Booking Tool for Meetings & Calls

Between meetings, projects, travels and mum duties I’m not always able to get to the phone when I get a call, and organising meeting times often involve a back-and-forth juggle of emails. If you’d rather book in a time for a consultation or meeting that suits both of us, give my new calendar tool a go.

Use Calendly to book a meeting or call with me.

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