Local Search Engine Optimisation

Website SEO & Google My Business listings

The objective of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is to make your web pages appear as high as possible in the organic, natural search results for your chosen keywords. Google shows blended listings for local results, e.g. a blend of map listings and website listings. We address both your website and your Google My Business profile so that we can optimise your website presence across the maps and normal website listings.

As opposed to advertising with Google Adwords, SEO is a long term process, and the best approach for achieving a high search engine ranking is to offer content that is useful and relevant to your website visitors and attracts links from other websites.

However, this isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. The trick is to choose the right keywords to focus on, create great content targeting those keywords, build links to your website and make sure your website is well set up from a technical perspective so that search engines can actually find your content.

Local SEO Kickstart Package

We offer a one-off optimisation of your website and Google Business listing to ensure that it is well placed to achieve a good local search engine ranking. Our optimisation includes both technical and content related aspects.

Our SEO Kickstart Package includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Setup or editing of Google My Business profile
  • Review of website content and structure
  • Content optimisation (headers, keywords in text, internal links, alt tags)
  • Setup and optimisation of meta tags, meta descriptions, title tags
  • Rewriting of URLs to include keywords
  • Submission of sitemap to top search engines
  • Setup of Webmaster Tools for a technical website analysis
  • Identification of problems such as crawl errors, broken links etc
  • Setup of Google Analytics to track website visitor statistics
  • Advice for your ongoing strategy, e.g. blogging and linking strategies

It does not include ongoing management of your website content or link building. Our SEO Kickstart Package is designed to be the foundation of your website SEO and to give you the tools you need to manage SEO by yourself on an ongoing basis.


SEO costs depend on where you are in the lifecycle of your website, the complexity and competitiveness of your market and other factors. We can work with a range of budgets.

Top marks to Ondetto who created a website that satisfies all criteria. Excellent service and efficiency throughout all stages of design. Highly recommended and give a 10/10.
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Debra Sheard Avatar
Debra Sheard
Ondetto brings industry knowledge, attention to detail, an ability to work under pressure, a calm approach and much more. As a result, we have ended up with a website that the whole organisation is proud to call their own.
King Island Council - Our Strength is our Pride
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Emma Little Avatar
Emma Little
Fantastic Web Designer. Frederike was a pleasure to work with. Excellent attention to detail and a a genuine appreciation of good design and aesthetics. This was coupled with excellent technical skills. She dealt with design changes promptly and had many good suggestions for improvements. I am delighted with the website she has designed for me.
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Ian Allan Avatar
Ian Allan