The Countdown to Christmas

What a year we’ve had. Most of us are probably happy to say Goodbye to 2021 and hope for a better year in 2022.

With retail opening up again and Christmas around the corner, you might want to spend a few minutes making sure your website is up to scratch. Other than getting your special offers and social media marketing ready, here are a few quick technical things to check:

Test your Contact Forms. It’s so important to do that quite regularly, especially when you notice enquiries being fewer than they used to be. Technology always changes and sometimes issues can crop up, be it with a plugin incompatibility, caching issue or a problem with the antispam recaptcha.

To test your contact form, simply go to your website, have a look at the page with the form, fill it in and make sure you receive an email with the enquiry. Check your spam folder too. If you don’t receive the emails or they consistently end up in your spam folder, and your website is hosted or maintained by us, please contact me and I can help fix this up.

Update your Business Hours

Update your store hours and public holiday hours. You might have opening hours on your website and you might want to update this to include closure periods or variations in opening hours over the upcoming public holidays.

Also check your Google Maps listing. If you Google your business name, you’ll probably see a map listing come up, and this will also have opening hours listed that you can edit. If you don’t have a listing yet, you can create one here or contact us for a quote. When people Google your business, it will show whether the business is open or closed, so it’s quite important to keep this up to date.

Check your Internal Links: Have a click around your website and make sure all the links are working ok. Fix them up if needed.

For Online Stores: don’t overrely on email notifications – if you have an online store, login and check your orders in the backend of your store in case any email notifications haven’t come through. This can and does happen occasionally, mainly due to temporary antispam blocks. Try the Woocommerce App if you’d like another way of getting notified of new orders via push notifications on your phone. Click here to find out more about the Woocommerce App.

Book in Website Projects & Email Campaigns

We are nearly booked up until the end of the year now, so if you have any projects you’d like to discuss, you’ll need to get in quickly.


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